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What Are The Chances for Season 3?

Volume 14 Cover

Manga so far has 14 volumes, and anime ended with around the beginning of volume 10 (anime also had some original content with the attempt to make a satisfying ending). So, technically, with 5 volumes per season, there is enough content to make a new season, but:

Despite the popularity of the show, the official site hasn’t made any news since September of 2017, which can be a pretty big signal that project wasn’t touched in a while.

Show Info

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Action, Seinen, Supernatural
Studio: Polygon Pictures
Season 1 Premiered: January 2016
MAL Rating: 7.62
Official Website:

Ajin Plot


Those who are resistant to death are called “Demi-Humans”.

The story starts when Kei Nagai, a high school student, is killed in a traffic accident and then comes back to life. When he revives, Kei and those watching the crash realize that he is a Demi-Human. When the word gets out that he is a Demi-Human, Kei’s world changes dramatically. Terrified and confused, Kei is saved by his friend, Kaito. Together, they flee deep into a deserted mountain.

After eluding the police in the mountains, a group of Demi-Humans who are hostile against humans contact Kei… Who is he fighting against? Who should he side with? As the story progresses it is made apparent that these Demi-Humans or Ajin can control beings known as black ghosts or IBM’S. These black ghosts can’t usually be seen by non-Ajin unless under some extreme conditions like extreme fear or hostility. Kei is unique, in that his black ghost moves and acts beyond his will, meaning that he cannot control his black ghost like the rest of the Ajin can. Kei appears to behave like a normal boy his age would in the beginning of the story, until his true character is revealed. Kei has no real feelings of compassion or sympathy for most other humans. He only acts according to what the situation calls for, even confessing to not caring for anyone who isn’t useful to him at the time. The only person who he seems to care for is himself, though he does seem to care for Kaito to a greater extent than other people he’s encountered. Kei is extremely bright and at the moment that his strong point, for it allows him to formulate plans and escape tough situations. He is rational and thinks things through (Source).

Also, there is a lot of deaths:

Fans Favorite Characters

Kei Nagai

The protagonist who first discovers that he is an Ajin after being killed in a traffic accident. To his peers, he appears to be a normal and carefree student, but in reality he is emotionally detached from other people and often willing to endanger the lives of other people in order for him to accomplish his own goals. He differs from most Ajin as he has the ability to create an abnormally large amount of IBM (Invisible Black Matter, which is key to an Ajin’s regeneration and ability to create “black ghosts”), allowing Kei to manifest more “black ghosts” than his Ajin peers. According to Ikuya, he is implied to have manifested his Ajin-realed abilities at a very young age.


The leader of the pro-Ajin movement, also known as Hat (帽子 Boushi) due to his signature deerstalker hat, Satō is a calm and collected individual who is well-known within the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as the most dangerous Ajin. Despite his appearance as a genial old man who enjoys video gaming, he is in reality a sinister, calculating tactician with combat experience as a former special-operations soldier in the USMC. Satō originally claims that he wishes to protest against the mistreatment of Ajins worldwide, but it is later revealed that he uses this claim as an excuse to gather an army of Ajin under his command to create an immortal army to rule Japan and simply for the sake of violence and destruction. He is frequently described as a “player” in the latter half of the anime, as he is prone to using strategies adapted from video games to carry out assassinations of famous politicians in order to force negotiations with the government for allowing rights of Ajins. He enjoys the use of violence against anybody (human or Ajin) who attempts to disrupt his plans and is especially irked by provocation.


A close friend of Kei who helps him to escape from the police. He was later sent to prison for assisting in Kei’s escape and later befriends Takeshi, another Ajin, allowing Kaito to escape imprisonment.


Yū is the head of Ajin Research under the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and has a comatose girlfriend, Ai. He is protected by an Ajin bodyguard named Izumi Shimomura. He agrees to let Kei work with him to stop Satō on the condition that Kei is allowed to live a normal life afterwards.


Izumi is a stoic and taciturn Ajin working for Yū Tosaki at the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Izumi’s birth name is Yōko Tainaka. As Yōko, she first discovered her Ajin abilities in her teenage years, when she first died after defending herself from a rape attempt of an abusive stepfather. Yōko would run away from home, where she is eventually recruited by Yū as a bodyguard under a special contract. The contract allowed Yōko to adopt the alias of “Izumi Shinomura”, such that “Yōko Tainaka” is legally deceased and that “Izumi Shimomura” is a separate identity. She affectionately refers to her “black ghost” as “Kuro”.


Kō is an Ajin and a partner of Kei with the intention to stop Satō, as Satō’s plans for the creation of an Ajin-led government will lead to the loss of many human lives. Unlike Kei, who is indifferent and cold to others, Kō values friendship and is willing to put the safety of others above his own. He is also physically fitter than Kei, but lacks Kei’s intellectual capabilities, often relying on Kei for planning in combat operations, with him acting as the “muscle” of the operation. Kō has the rapid regenerative abilities common to Ajin, but lacks the ability to manifest his own “black ghost”.

(Source for character descriptions).

Episodes So Far

Episode NumberEpisode NameRelease Date
#1A Topic That Has Nothing to Do with UsJan 16, 2016
#2Why Is This Happening to Me? I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong!Jan 23, 2016
#3Maybe It’s Hopeless Now?Jan 30, 2016
#4Have You Seen a Black Ghost?Feb 6, 2016
#5The Kind of Garbage That Looks Down on Others, Yet Begs for Their HelpFeb 6, 2016
#6I’m Going to Kill You Too!Feb 20, 2016
#7And Conceal Them in a Place Where They’ll Never Be Found AgainFeb 27, 2016
#8Brace for ImpactMar 5, 2016
#9Wait, Let’s Keep TalkingMar 12, 2016
#10It Starts Decaying the Moment It’s CreatedMar 19, 2016
#11Now Then, It’s ShowtimeMar 26, 2016
#12Man, That Sure Was TiringApr 2, 2016
#13Satou-san, It’s Your Fault Everything’s Messed UpApr 9, 2016
#14I Don’t Even Wanna Do This AnymoreOct 8, 2016
#15Surrounded by IdiotsOct 15, 2016
#16I’m Always ScaredOct 22, 2016
#17I Feel Like Throwing UpOct 29, 2016
#18Kuro-chan, PleaseNov 5, 2016
#19Must be tough being a lapdogNov 12, 2016
#20Kuro, just once more, pleaseNov 19, 2016
#21This Country Is Going to Get a Little UnsettledNov 26, 2016
#22You Are the One Messing Up My Life!Dec 3, 2016
#23I Won’t Do ItDec 10, 2016
#24At This Rate… It Really Will Be War!Dec 17, 2016
#25But That Makes It Interesting, So Whatever.Dec 17, 2016
#26I’ll Make You a Promise Too, Mr. SatoDec 24, 2016

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